About bet365

Nowadays, there are so many websites offering on-line sports betting services, that choosing one of them is really hard. However, there are some of them that have been trusted by thousands of customers and guarantee safe betting with maximum satisfaction. Based in Great Britain, Bet365 is definitely on of such companies, with over 2 million customers from different parts of the globe and more than 800 employees.

What bet365 is offer to their customers?

The group offers numerous sports betting opportunities but also professional poker room and many other games, including on-line casino. The safety of its customers is provided by the UK Gambling Commission, as it regulates and license all betting options available. What is more, all the other games including poker room are legally protected by the government of Gibraltar, which eliminates any risk and makes bet365 completely trustworthy.

Advantages of bet365

One of the biggest conveniences offered by the company is the idea of carrying on all the bets and games within just one virtual wallet. Due to that fact customer’s nickname, password and form of payment has to be chosen just once for all the bets offered and games played, including casino and poker room plays.

Bet365 customer service

When it comes to customer service, company’s standards are also very high. All the people employed by bet365 are well-qualified and happy to help. All the questions asked are answered really fast and exhaustively. If any incorrectness appears, it will be solved by Independent Betting Adjudication Service, as bet365 is subject to this Organization.

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